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Here is a great selection of wall art for your home or office. When you see what you want give us a call. If you dont see what you want, give us a call and we might be able to help. These are our production signs and plaqs so the prices are cheaper than our custom line. Have a new idea for us to try, contact us.


Bear head, Eagle head, and Wold head surrounded by wood rope. These come in a set or seperate.
Orca Spirit. Great for house, work or cabin.
Shell This really shows the grain of wood. This was carved in cedar. Great for home, work and bathrooms.
7.25 inches x 8 inches Oak wood Butterfly, painted and clear coated.. Vbit Engraved Wall Art.
7.25 inches x 8 inches Cedar wood Butterfly, painted letters and clear coated.. Vbit Engraved Wall Art.

Simulated Wall Art
The below patterns are ones that AllCarve.com has to carve but we do not have photos to show you, so here they are in simulation. This is fairly close to what a product will look like when carved. The first two are examples of Simulation vs Real photo of product after being carved, finished and painted..


To the left is a simulation we can create of a carving we will do later. The carving to the right is real. It was carved after a little cleanup of pattern to left so is not identical in this case. This shows how close my simulations are to the real thing.

Real Carving

Poster customer had


Real Carving
The above carving started as a poster as seen on the left.
The middle is simulation of what finished carving should look like.
To the right is the actual carving in wood.
Alaska Map outline.
Polar Bear. Very simplistic design. Beveled edges with flat background.

Faces This is sold as a set or seperate. Very nice wall hangings

Raised or Pocketed versions of the Peace Sign.

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