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Ray, our CNC Master Carver has been designing CNC Signs and CNC Carving machines for 31 years and has produced thousands of signs and 3D carvings. Ray starting in 1980 building CNC machines and has built several versions,and knows them inside and out. Best in Alaska hands down for 2D and 3D signs. Years of expereince and building our own machines has kept our prices low.
Lots of new stuff, look around the website. If you dont see what you need, contact Ray.

AllCarve.com carved the 2 split log pieces and Larry Needs and his crew did all the rest. The letters are carved on the log, not added to log. Red lettering has glass that reflects headlights. Very nice large 2D sign on split log.
AllCarve.com carved this 4 x 8 ft sign out of marine plywood. All lettering and graphics is raised on beveled edge. This is a 2D sign.
AllCarve.com carved the two bears in supplied wood pieces. All the rest was done by Holt Construction. Very nice work. This is a 3D sign.
Larry created a nice look with the custom board we carved for him.

2D signs

And more things we have carved.

3D sign

These mantels are 3D
These mantels are 3D

Simulated Art
Some of this website contain simulations of what carving will look like. They all have a blue background to make them easy to spot. The rest are actual photos. Simulations look very close to what finished project will look like when carved. We send you a simulated photo before we carve on custom orders so you can see a very good rough idea of what your sign or project will look like. Below are two samples of Simulation verses Real Carving.


To the left is a simulation we can create of a carving we will do later. The carving to the right is real. It was carved after a little cleanup of pattern to left so is not identical in this case. This shows how close my simulations are to the real thing.

Real Carving 2D



Real Carving 2D

The above carving started as a poster as seen on the left.
The middle is simulation of what finished carving should look like.
To the right is the actual carving in wood.
The carving was done using the V-Bit Engraved method.

When we create Custom signs we have many 3D Patterns we can use. To make it easier on our customers, we now have a catalog of those patterns for you to view at your convience.
Last Modified on 02/28/2014